Welcome to SIGNATURE TATTOO in Cuyahoga Falls

All appointment's require a deposit.

 You must come into the studio to schedule appointments.We do not quote prices over the phone,nor do we book appointments over the phone.   

Minor Tattooing /We Do NOT Do Body Piercing

  • We only Tattoo minors with proper idenfication parent representing at time of tattoo must have custody and can prove it {NO EXCEPTIONS}
  • Are age for minor tattooing is 17 years old
  • We will not tattoo neck,face or hands of a Minor
  • Proper Identification STATE ID OR MILITARY ONLY

Things To Know Before Coming to our Studio

  • We do not allow children in the 
  • tattoo studio while being tattooed{NO EXCEPTIONS}
  • No Cell Phones OUT LOUD playing and texting while being tattooed 
  • Be on time or early for your appointment time is valuable
  • Do not bring a bunch of people with you its a appointment not a party                                                                                                  

Best things to do before coming to get Tattooed

  • Eat properly and rest well the night before getting tattooed If you dont eat you could find your self getting sick lightheaded and possibly passing out 
  • If you relax better bring headphones to listen to music or watch videos on your phone
  • Bring or wear Proper clothing depending on your tattoo location

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2042 Bailey Rd.Cuyahoga Falls.Oh.44221